Saturday, July 24, 2004

the man is in love??

nanananaaa...nanananaaa...hei hei hei goodbye
nanananaaa...nanananaaa...hei hei hei goodbye
(Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam)

I am in love. What I can say more. I am truely deeply in love.

It was all began during the eurotrip that I joined last two weeks, KelanaConvoy - Europe Conquest. At first, I admit that I've never care even she was there. Just no matter what, I only dare to do my own things. But later some girls called me 'gurly' because of my long hair. And because of that too, we became close. Very very closed. Oh yeah...forgot their names - Adlin a.k.a Baby, Sufia a.k.a Darling and Aida Patricia. I can't get off their eyes, they will look out for me. Especially the first few days, and it was Adlin. She will bump on me whenever I was there. As for Sufia she will if her sister, Adlin, did so. And for Aida, she always curious why I have long hair. Why I don't just be like ordinary man, short hair. But I'm truely in love with Aida. I??? How come?

Why I think I'm in love?
Aida she was so sweet and so damn smart. The way she talks, acts, reacts, approaches...she stole my heart.

Then came these two guys, Imran and Jabar. So now...I'm the guy, Adlin, Sufia, and Aida the girls, Imran and Jabar the thugs. Cruel but intelligent. ...'Hey you!!'... The phrase I always got when meeting them. And I'm always being harrased by them. Pulling my pants down. Pulling my shirt away. 'Hey want to see his belly button?' 'Come here' me