Monday, September 27, 2004

mentari merah di ufuk timur

"what is real? how do you define real?" - morpheus (the matrix, 1999)

somedays it may comes to you the thinking of are you really what you think you are. it will always be a believe that no metter what others see you, the perceptions will never change the way you look in yourselve. - what is to do with that old man who is sitting on the bench reading the newspaper. why bother enough about that middle age man in the corporate suit. do the staring eyes by the pedestrian walks really shaped the day. - it is just a mythology generated by the surrounding that clouds out the way you percieve your own path. BUT...that is the way it goes. yes you have to care sometimes about that old man with the newspaper. yes you can't ignore that corporate gentlemen and his suitecase. yes those staring eyes are strong enough to accompany each of your footsteps. is real. your life is real. your surrounding is real.

"i'm 60. too late to start a rock band." - glenn holland (mr. holland's opus, 1995)

these few days really make me thinking. how long i have been away from my life. i did some browsing to the malaysian music scene on the net. guess what....i found plenty of new bands, with lots of great talents. it really makes me miss my previous life, the time when we were partners in crime during mcc and ppp days. really miss the activities of jamming and attending gigs. as far as i can remember, the last time we were together for jamming was a night before Stud's [R.I.P] last gig at Artistse Club, Jln Tun Razak. may be around May or June, 2000. going insane side-by-side with Polythene, Schallywag, Franggy Penny, Project AK, Pikcell and two three more bands....and the last gig ever we attended as a bunch of group, Rock The World 200, at Mid Valley parking lot. the great thing was, we've never planned. we just met at the venue. i was me and pocket all the way from HRC for Padi showcase. then stop by for RTW for a while. than we met Mesir, Mat Nin, Tabuk & Nadia, Maok. so it was more like a reunion for us, except there were no Aie and Mizan. we really enjoyed the fun. later me and pocket decided to stay till the end of the concert. so..we were rocked all nite long.

and..i finally found them again. not really found them, but i found them playing in new bands. not them actually, but it were just mesir and pocket. mesir is in Missing Chapter (still pearl jam sounds). pocket is in Lurks (ambient post-electronic band). glad to know they are still in the scene, bursting their own talents to another levels. there were lots of gigs thay joined...and hey...pocket is really a rockstar now. his band performance will be aired this thursday,30th Spet @ Latte (Jason Lo hosted programme).

"he he....i'm the golden god!!" - russell hammond (almost famous, 2000)

it is terrible when you've got drunk. that what was happened to russell hammond in Almost Famous movie. he climbed-up to the house's roof and shouted "i'm the golden god". and he didn't even remember he did that when it was written in the Rolling Stones.

simmilar thing happened couple of days ago. a drunk musician, (i knew he is a musician through the guitar case he brought) yelled at me and asked me to get f**k off when i said i don't know when the bus to Arwkright is coming. bloody hell.