Thursday, January 12, 2006


Album: See You On The Other Side
Artist: Korn
Release: 6th December 2005
Label: Virgin

Wow. How long has it been? Three weeks, four weeks? But I haven't totally listened to the album though. The problem was me. It was not that I haven't had time to listen, it just me who felt too tired to listen.

Okay. Lets talk about the album. I first saw the album at Kedai Auntie, Campbell Complex. That day was the 1st day the record being put on the shelf.

"Itu Korn you tak mau ke, Dik?"

RM45. Imported CD. Uncencored version.

"Aiseymen Auntie. Saya tak bawak duit banyak la hari ni."

"Ini album tak banyak la diorang bawak masuk. Label cuma import 60 keping je. Saya cuma dapat 6 keping saja. Saya mintak banyak sikit tapi label tak mau kasik."

"Simpan saya satu Auntie. Nanti next time dtg saya beli."

A week later, I went back to the shop and asked Auntie for the album. Instead of handed me the displayed version, she gave me the special released, See You On The Other Side - Limited Edition. A pakage of a full album CD, a 13 tracks CD contains 4 remix tracks and 3 live videos from Moscow, with specially designed pack (3D layout on the inside), and a transparent cd sleeve. Interesting. And the price, just 15 ringgit extra, RM60. What da hell!? Give me the album.

So far, I can say that Korn faced a tough challenge since the departure of Head. Especially Munkey. The four of them had to fill in the space left by Head with new arrangement and that made they sounded different in this album. 1st track, Twistered Transistor, the sounds from Follow The Leader. 2nd track, without vocals, is this Limp Bizkit? Where is the wierd distorted multi-effects sounds? Munkey had no enough hands to find the "tunes", and Fieldy couldn't found his effect's pedals. Plain guitar's sounds, where's the bass?

As far as I can recall from my unconsious situation, this album brings new benchmark in Korn's music. New direction, most probably right. Not their best work. Still, Korn is full of surprises. Experimentation.