Monday, January 10, 2005

the return of the saint

Laskar Cinta


01. Pangeran Cinta
02. Atas Nama Cinta
03. Satu
04. Indonesia Saja
05. Sweetest Place
06. Hidup Ini Indah
07. Cinta Gila
08. Nonsense
09. Hadapi Dengan Senyuman
10. Matahari Bintang Bulan
11. Aku Tetaplah Aku
12. Shine On

it was Sunday afternoon, 26th December, about half past 12. yeah…the day when the tsunami hit asia. besides that shocking disaster, it was so dulled. nothing interesting on the network besides the “poyo” programs. so i kept on switching from one channel to another, until I glued to one broadcast, “i Music top 10”. of course i have so much interest into it, it is the Indo music chart…and the VJ, she was a nice looking lady. haha…

down at the 10th place, Agnes Monica feat. Achmad Dhani. that was how the name spelt. Achmad Dhani rather than the well-known Ahmad Dhani. ok…the song was nice but not the kind i am fond into. hmmm…after one song to another. from Jikustik to Krisdayanti to Edwin Gutawa to Marcell. then the program came to an end. the time to announce the artist who topped the chart. suddenly i just like heard the VJ said “…DEWA kembali menguasai…”..bla bla bla…. “…dengan lagu dr album terbaru Laskar Cinta…”. what??? DEWA?? album baru??? so i just paid more attention to it. hahaha…a waiting for almost 2 years has been paid.

“oh my god!” … “that’s cool!”… surprisingly DEWA made a return with a very strange works. when listened to Pengeran Cinta, their first single, I wondered, was it DEWA? the sound was totally not DEWA. it was more like some techno rock band, and their image was “goth…ghotic” but i did love it very very much. why??…first, it was a very “cool” song. second, Ahmad Dhani led the vocals. the visuals, accurately their style/image, they’ve shown was awesome. they have brought up a new foundation to their charisma, something fresh, something that no one will ever come across about DEWA.

few days later i went to Melody music store in CM and looked out for the album. damn it!! the store was out of the album. the sales girl, i do not know her name (a new girl for the shop i think), told me that if i want it i have to come back within 2 days. so i just walked out and went to another music store downstairs. hahahaha….i found it and bought it. Laskar Cinta is awesome. no not awesome, it is insane. if you want to make a comparison, please find out and listen to U2 Pop. almost similar but it is different. similar because they shares the same concept. drum machines, samplings, techno sounds. different because DEWA is “darker”. and in Laskar Cinta DEWA presented more than just rock. like in tracks Pengeran Cinta, Cinta Gila and Aku Tentulah Aku, the sounds are more toward Modern Rock with some drum’s programming. in Satu, Hidup Ini Indah, that are where the sounds of DEWA that we’ve known. and there’s reggae in track Matahari Bintang Bulan. hahaha…surprisingly. and there is also an English tracks…Sweetest Place, mellow kind of stuff.

after all, it is so f**kin great. may be some will not like it very much as DEWA has come with a new direction. but they well convinced me to sticked my ears to them. so…ROCK ON dude.